Sunday, September 21, 2014

Infor - M3 Enterprise Collaborator (MEC)

MEC is an Infor M3 software component that can be used to integrate M3 with different systems by enabling Infor M3 to create, send, and receive electronic documents in XML and flat file formats.

In simple words, Infor MEC is a Lawson M3 specific application connector like Microsoft BizTalk Server.  

The M3 Enterprise Collaborator (MEC) product and ION Connect provide the interface between Lawson M3 applications and other Infor applications.

So, What is Infor ION?

Infor ION is Infor’s business middleware. Infor ION is a tool that allows customers to connect business applications, organize business processes and empowers users to be more effective. Infor ION is the gateway to share business object documents (BODs) with Infor applications.

MEC can be used in three different ways:

1. Messaging connector via XML or Flat messages :

MEC exposes M3 business logic as XML or Flat interface documents and interacts via request / reply scenarios.

2. As an EDI solution : 

Full EDI infrastructure with supplementary, ready-made message interfaces based on industry standards like EANCOM, ODETTE, VDA, TRADACOMS, and ANSI X.12.

3. Light Weight Message Broker

Easy and straightforward to integrate M3 applications with the messaging interfaces of other

MEC can use Lawson Web Services (LWS), MI-programs, External Program Connector (EPC), and M3 Output Management (MOM) to retrieve data from M3 or write data to M3. Requests to MEC and replies from MEG are sent in XML or Flat File format.

Sources ::
1. MEC Fundamentals Training Workbook
2. Infor10 Lawson Process Automation Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Hi Hasitha,
    Interesting article.
    One thing worth mentioning is that MEC does not natively handle the different EDI formats, only XML based documents, so until recently you had to buy an 3rd party XML to EDI and EDI to XML translator, such as AMtrix or similar.
    However, the great news is that we have now developed a plugin to MEC to handle this translation without the need for any additional software. Everything is done through MEC, saving both money and time. Feel free to check it out on our website at Integration Wizards.

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